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Landscaping Committee Update

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Landscaping Committee Update

August 23, 2017      In Latest News Comments Off on Landscaping Committee Update

The community Landscape committee continues to make progress.  You’ve noticed the nice Crepe Myrtles near our Summerset Bay entrance sign, they should be blooming soon as white flowers.  We also planted some native grass plants recommended by the Greenwood County Extension agent and a local nursery.  To keep costs down we purchased 7 plants and divided each to yield the 28 plants we planted.  These were placed in several groups along Summerset Bay Drive and most are doing well.  Some junipers were also planted by our directional sign.  We recently added mulch around more trees and the Summerset Point entrance sign.  There is also a “test garden” near Woodhaven Court and Summerset Bay Drive, planted by a private individual, that’s doing well.

More projects are planned to some of the Summerset Bay Drive roadsides, in the areas where the native grass plants were planted, to repair and hopefully prevent more erosion.  Other areas along the road are in line for repair and improvement also.

Additional help will always be appreciated.  Please call (998-4089) or email Jim Smith if you could possibly help on a future “work party” or participate in the planning process.  There is no obligation.

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